about PR on the run — by Rob Jewell

I’ve been fortunate. I worked for 29 years at BFGoodrich in Akron, Ohio. I started editing employee publications and ended as vice president of corporate communications. Then I started a public relations consulting company. Now I am a full-time faculty member at Kent State University. I teach courses in public relations and mass communication ethics. And I supervise a student-run public firm, called Flash Communications.

During most of this time I’ve been a dedicated runner. OK, jogger, if you take speed into consideration. But while my times are not much to write about, I am committed. For the past 20 years or so I’ve run at least 1,000 miles each year. (Except for one year seven or eight years ago when I tore my calf muscle playing tennis. So much for tennis.)

Being on the road most mornings at 5 a.m. gives you some time to think. I’ve used that time through the years to consider various public relations projects and look for solutions to problems that I believed were important at the time. PR on the run works for me.

And just so you don’t think that all I do is work and run, I have other interests as well, many centering on family.

My wife, Mary, teaches in the Akron public schools.

My son, Brian, teaches in a charter school in Colorado Springs.

And my daughter, Jessica, teaches English and creative writing at a college in Georgia. I’ve done a lot of writing during my career — but Jessica is the real writer in the family. I’ll try not to make too many errors in this blog. I’m sure she’ll be watching.


14 responses to “about PR on the run — by Rob Jewell

  1. Terrific, Rob. I’m sending on to Rich, Jerry, George, Joe Scherer, Peg, Cleo and maybe Carol – with your consent, of course.


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  3. Excellent site, keep up the good work

  4. Hi,
    I’m a runner/jogger too and running is, indeed, the activity that gets me thinking. I like the blog – it’s stimulating.

    I’ll keep coming back.

  5. You, your blog and your family are fascinating!

  6. Hi! I’m a fellow Ohioan ,but abroad, and love your blog. How can I subscribe?

  7. Fantastic blog, you have some great material here. Makes for a good read, and is much appreciated that you share your words which many have trouble doing.

  8. I just discovered you after Googling “the Summer of My Discontent” to get the correct reference for my blog, and our “friend” Bill Gates sent me to the page on your blog with the Richard II quote. I too am in PR – I work for The Kidney Foundation of Canada in Burnaby, BC,just outside Vancouver. I’m a new blogger (http://pauline-homeontheranch.blogspot.com/)and a new personal web person. Most of my efforts are for The Kidney Foundation’s BC Branch website. My Facebook hardly has any friends, but I’m determined to get it all going. I also have bursitis (which was the item on the first blog I found of yours). I like your stuff. I’ll log in regularly to see what else you have to say. (the posting I’m w orking on today is not up yet).
    Pauline Buck APR

  9. Hi, Rob….great blog! We both ran the 1988 Pittsburgh Marathon…and I live in Canton, OH…we’re NEIGHBORS!

    • Thanks for the comment. The Pittsburgh Marathon in ’88 was a great run. I would love to do the marathon there (or anywhere else) again. Certain that isn’t going to happen, but I still enjoy running. Hope you are still enjoying it as well.

      • Grammadog1947

        I just re-started running after a 25 year hiatus…want to go back to Boston, which was the only marathon I didn’t “officially” finish due to their cut-off time then…I see you have moved to Colorado (saw that after I posted)….beautiful area!

      • Well, best wishes and continued running success. It would be great to run Boston. And I’m enjoying life in Colorado. Figured if I was going to relocate, it might as well be to a place with blue sky, plenty of sunshine and low humidity.

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