Heading West: Follow Me To ColoROBo

Well, I’m actually doing something that I’ve talked about for years. I’m relocating this week to a small town in the mountains in Colorado, Woodland Park. I hope you’ll follow me on the journey and as I post on my new blog, ColoROBo, about life in Colorado, matters of interest in the media, and my efforts to more fully embrace a writer’s life by publishing a novel.

I started this blog, PR On The Run, nearly five years ago, while I was teaching classes in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Kent State in media ethics, public relations and writing — and working with the most outstanding group of young people anywhere: students in Flash Communications. I figured that if I was going to stand in front of a class and opine about changes shaping public relations and journalism, I better at least make an attempt to understand blogs and blogging and how to write for readers online rather than in print.

I’ve had a blast, even though I’ve never gained that big of an audience or made a penny from these daily digital brain droppings. But it forced me to keep current on events — and to keep writing.  And hey. For someone obsessive enough to get up nearly every day for more than 30 years before 4 a.m. to hit the concrete or treadmill for a five-mile run, spending an hour or so cobbling together a few hundred words isn’t all that tough. Mostly, I appreciate those who took the time to read these posts and to add their perspective through thoughtful comments.

Even without the move to Colorado, it would have been a good time to bring an end to PR On The Run.

I’ve discovered that I really don’t have anything new or important to add to the discussion of public relations. I’ll always believe that ethical, honest and timely communications form the heart of a successful public relations program. But the field now seems to be dominated by tactical discussions about the use — and many times misuse — of social media: Facebook, Twitter and so on. That’s not necessarily bad. It’s just something I don’t understand — and quite honestly, don’t really care about.

And I’ve become extremely cynical about the ability of our elected leaders in Washington and elsewhere to take any action that benefits the public, rather than their own re-elections or vested interests. Better not to comment than to be negative about just about everything in the public arena these days. And I’m liberal on some issues, conservative on others. That makes for some pretty tepid opinions in a venue that encourages writers to hurl lightning bolts and take no prisoners.

And more and more I’ve become interested in issues involving the sorry state of public education in the country — and the growing attack on teachers that will do nothing but make a bad situation worse. Unlike beach volleyball, these apparently aren’t issues of widespread interest or concern. Too bad.

So I don’t have a final post for PR On The Run.

No need.

I’m not retiring from blogging or anything else I find interesting and enjoyable, including running and drinking Jameson. I’m going to keep writing in a different forum, ColoROBo, and from a different perspective as I begin the next stage in my life living above the clouds.

I’ll be back in early September.

In Colorado.

8 responses to “Heading West: Follow Me To ColoROBo

  1. Congratulations! I can’t wait to read about all of your new adventures!

    • Jessica,
      Thanks. It should be exciting. And not a bad place to spend the golden years.

      I also understand that Breckenridge has some great snowboarding.

  2. Good to hear your not retiring, and you know we wish you all the best “out west”. Again, sorry we missed you Sunday, but we know we’ll see you soon!!
    Have a safe trip, stay in touch and send me the link to ColoROBo…I’ve always enjoyed and respected your thoughts, views and perspective on issues…even the one’s we don’t agree on!!

    • Mark,

      Thanks. Yeah. Sorry we missed you Sunday. But it sounds like Alex is doing great. You’ll enjoy the next several years with him in college and involved with football.

      And no excuse not to come out to visit. Weather is always great.

      Here’s the link to my new blog, ColoROBo:


  3. Go Rob Go! Enjoy your new adventure.

    • Marianne,

      Thanks. We’re enjoying the adventure so far. Now all we have to do is unpack the 100 or so boxes that are resting comfortably in our house. Rob

  4. You have been an inspiration and a mentor to me. I will never forget your guidance and support as I took over the reigns at Flash. It truly was a remarkable experience being able to work with the most outstanding group of students. I was sad to leave the agency this semester.

    PR on the Run has always been such a great resource for the students at KSU. We’ll have to make sure they head over to your new blog. (Love the new design, by the way!) I hope you’ll continue to educate all of us about the things that really matter.

    I’m so happy for your new adventure, Rob. And looking forward to following you as you “live above the clouds” in Colorado.

    • Stef,

      Thanks for your kind comments. In the more than 40 years that I’ve been working, nothing has (or will) come close to topping the wonderful experience I had meeting and working with you and others at Kent State — and especially having the opportunity to be associated with such a tremendous group of students (now talented young professionals) at Flash Communications.


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