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Tim Russert and journalism ethics

Not much I can add about the death of Tim Russert yesterday. Except that he represented the best of what we describe now as traditional journalism: honest, truthful, tough but fair. Those comments about Russert came from those who knew him, ranging from elected officials to fellow journalists.

I learned about his death on Twitter. And then headed to the TV and MSNBC.  So in less than a minute or so I made the journey from new media to old. Yet it struck me listening to the comments about Russert that there is still a deep regard and appreciation for journalism ethics. Maybe part of his legacy is to remind all of us about just how important the principles of honesty and truthful, fair reporting really all. Hope we don’t lose sight of that as journalism — and public relations/communications in general — continue to evolve.

And the portrait of Russert that emerges is of a man with integrity and character — who loved his job but put his family first. Can’t beat that.

Lots of stories and commentaries about Russert on the Web and elsewhere today. Here’s one on Politico.com that shows some highlights from Russert’s interviews over the years.