Jobs Disaster: Will Pigs Fly?

I was in Pittsburgh a few weeks ago, and one of my brothers, Mark, said he was looking forward to November when Romney would be elected president. I said if that happened pigs would fly, so better be prepared to duck when going outside.

After the release of the feeble employment numbers last week, and the related stock market decline,  I imagine Porky Pig and associates are heading to aviation school.

In fact, when the Huffington Post has any headline critical of the Obama administration, “Total Mess” — you have to figure that Hell has frozen over.

Or pigs are getting ready to fly.


2 responses to “Jobs Disaster: Will Pigs Fly?

  1. burghthoughts

    Its well documented that the Liberal bias of the mainstream media, both domestic and foreign, plays a hugh part in the outcome of our elections. In 2008 the number of positive McCain/Palin stories vs. the number of negative stories was obvious. go to and see how the liberal media bias was worth 7+ percentage points for the democratic candidate. No different with Obama, if he loses his mouthpiece in the media, see above Huffintonpuffington post. or read Maureen Dowd’s NYT piece yesterday, and you get the feeling that the bloom is off the rose, or at least Chris Matthew’s doesn’t have that tingly feeling running up and down his leg anymore. Long way till November…but a man can dream…..(and hope for change)

    • I’ve been having a tingling feeling lately as well. Most likely it’s my prostrate, giving some advance warning for what’s going to happen [and where] with taxes following the elections. That’s a bipartisan observation, by the way.

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