Terrorism A Little Close To Home

I spend part of most Fridays in the spring and summer riding my bike in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park not all that far from where five douchebags allegedly planned to take down a bridge to protest corporate America and the government of the USA. Couldn’t they just have grabbed a couple of sandwich boards, loaded them with the protest rhetoric du jour, and strolled through the park? Sheesh.

It’s one thing to talk about terrorism in abstract. And like most people, I pretty much ignore the daily reports of bomb blasts in places like Afghanistan and Iraq. Still the threat of terrorism gets your attention, especially when you’re familiar with the potential target. And this one was a little close to home.

And all of us — and not just in the Cleveland area — need to give a big thank you to the FBI personnel, other law enforcement officials, and most likely some private citizens who prevented this horrific act from taking place. Not sure that I would want to spend any time with the five suspects — job or no job.

This type of terrorism shouldn’t happen anywhere. Certainly not close to home.

For comprehensive information and background on this story, here’s a link to Cleveland.com.


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