The Hidden Meaning in Our NCAA March Madness Bracket Picks

I expect that today is one of the least productive workdays of the year. In addition to monitoring our Facebook and Twitter accounts while the boss isn’t looking, many of us will have the added stress of completing our selections for the NCAA basketball tournament.

Ah, March Madness.

And even though I’m quasi-retired, I’ll be feeling the heat sorting out the bracket picks while juggling a modest amount of actual real work. Full disclosure: last year my bracket collapsed faster than a tent in a tornado. But when you live in Northeast Ohio, hope always exists with each new season or tournament  — only to be dashed quickly and pathetically when the games begin. I digress.

Anyway, the NYT has an interesting feature this morning about what our bracket picks say about us. It’s worth a read.

There is a good chance that you will fill out an N.C.A.A. basketball tournament bracket for an office pool sometime in the next three days. There is an even better chance that you spent the last four months focused on your family and career, not glued to ESPN. Therefore, you have only a passing familiarity with most of the teams in the tournament, and your bracket selections are just a series of guesses.

Those guesses say little about your basketball acumen but speak volumes about your personality. A tournament bracket can reveal more about a person’s character than handwriting analysis, or even phrenology. Read these five classic bracket archetypes and select the one that best fits your tournament strategy. Then, discover what your bracket tells the world about you. Warning: this system is so accurate that it can feel as if we opened a window to your very soul, so make sure you are seated comfortably.

The writer, Mike Tanier, opines that our selections fall into one of five categories: The Favorites Bracket, The Underdogs Bracket, The Out-of-Date Bracket, The Expert Bracket, and The Nickname Bracket.

This be me: linked without fail to The Underdogs Bracket:

The Underdogs Bracket

You love a good upset and see no reason Norfolk State cannot make the Round of 16 this year. While your bracket includes a few nods to common sense, you find yourself scribbling South Dakota State far more often than anyone not living in South Dakota should.

WHAT IT SAYS ABOUT YOU You truly believe that one person can change the world, but you cannot comprehend that Roy Williams or Thomas Robinson is probably that person. You are an incurable optimist, though several pharmaceutical companies are working on it. You applaud at the end of children’s movies, even when you are watching at home on DVD without children present. Your bracket strategy is also your investment strategy, which is why you are wearing a sweater with holes in it, and in the unlikely event that Davidson wins the championship, you will use the winnings to help pay off that mortgage you took out in 2007.

OK. Gotta get back to work. Well, you know what I mean. LOL

Let’s see. Wonder if Lehigh can spank Duke?


2 responses to “The Hidden Meaning in Our NCAA March Madness Bracket Picks

  1. This is great! I think they left out the category that Mom and Gyorgyi fall into, which is the “Team Uniform” category. And strangely, Mom and Gyorgyi usually win these things, so maybe it’s the only way to really select!

    • I thought the Team Uniform Bracket only applied to football. But you may be right. I recall both of them doing much better than me last year.

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