The Souper Bowl: A Recipe for Success

OK. It’s not likely that I’ll watch much, if any, of the Super Bowl Sunday. And beyond the fact that the Steelers aren’t playing, I actually have an excuse. I’ll be returning to NE Ohio from Hilton Head.

And I recognize that nobody watches, or at least claims to watch, the game. Instead they get giddy over the commercials and from the food and beer that is consumed from sunrise till sunset. It turns out that Super Bowl Sunday trails only Thanksgiving as a day when we huddle with family and friends and stuff ourselves.

So as a public service, here’s an article from Wine Spectator that provides some recipes for soups and other goodies as well as suggestions for wine to take the edge off the brew, for those making it through the halftime show with Madonna.

Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis brings football fans a highly anticipated rematch between quarterback Eli Manning’s New York Giants and Tom Brady’s New England Patriots. Along with it comes this year’s Wine Spectator rematch of Super Bowl party foods and the wines (and beers) that pair with them.

New York and Boston offer an abundance of hometown specialties that make for some contentious competition—specifically soups, sandwiches and pies of every ilk.

When it comes to soup, New England and Manhattan both lay claim to signature chowders. We’ve got recipes from some of the best chowder house chefs in both metropolises.

Two of Boston’s top oyster houses contributed offerings this year: Neptune Oyster on Salem Street and Island Creek Oyster Bar in Kenmore Square. Neptune chef Michael Serpa crafted a more manageable version of the restaurant’s signature New England Clam Chowder for Wine Spectator readers (the soup’s various elements are made separately at the restaurant and combined to order). Owner Jeff Nace says the clam-driven chowder has a lot of minerality coupled with the fat from the bacon and cream. He suggests pairing it with a Chablis or white Rhône-style blend. (For the beer-inclined, he recommends Guinness or the local Harpoon Oyster Stout). He also says the Neptune chowder is a favorite among the Patriots themselves: All-Pro wide receiver Wes Welker is a Neptune regular and chowder aficionado.


And can it really be a Super Sunday without the Steelers?


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