How’s the State of the Union?

Prez O makes the trek to Capitol Hill tonight to give his take on the state of the union. Unfortunately, I’ll most likely be long asleep before he begins to blather about the economy, American values, shared responsibilities and sacrifices and whatever other points he is going to unveil as key to his re-election campaign.

Too bad I’ll miss it. The State of the Union address really is Reality TV at its best: the cheers, the jeers, the standing Os. Or not. It’s pretty much like the Golden Globe Awards without the fashion show. And it is an important opportunity for the Prez to outline his administration’s vision for at least the year ahead.

Here’s a preview via CBS.

Unfortunately, Congress is hopelessly deadlocked — and the members can’t pass gas let alone legislation on any significant issue, particularly in an election year. So it will be good theater.

And I expect the highlight will be the reception given to Gabrielle Giffords as she makes what might be her last official visit to a Congressional event. For those focusing on the Kardashians, Giffords resigned from Congress this week — essentially a year after a lunatic pumped her head full of lead while she was meeting and greeting constituents in Arizona.

We need more people like Gabby Giffords in Congress. Perhaps her appearance tonight will inspire others to enter public service with a commitment to serving those who elected them in the first place.

If so, good.

And for that I’ll even try to stay awake.



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