A Gift Idea: Slap Leather by Jessica Jewell

OK. I know there is a lot of stress this time of the year as everyone is trying to finish the last-minute holiday gift shopping. Even Prez O and the First Dog, Bo, got into the act yesterday, sneaking out of work early to do some shopping.

So as a public service and stress reducer I offer the following. My daughter, Jessica, found out last night that her first book of poetry, Slap Leather, has been published by Dancing Girl Press & Studio.

Here’s from Jessica’s blog, Budajest:

I don’t like to do a lot of self promotion on this blurb, but tonight my chapbook, Slap Leather, published by dancing girl press, came out. I am very happy and very proud of the book and the press. Thank you to everyone who made it come together. Here is a little sample. Happy Holidays everyone!


If you haven’t heard
of the grass widow,
hang around. She’s fond
of fires, is half seas over
for flumes. Doesn’t draw
the blinds at night—

prefers the moon
and her convolutions.

They say she stitched
closed the beak
of a meadowlark.

Sing-songed, the grassland
ocean in her throat.

Full as a tick and twitching.

If you want to order the book, here’s the link to Dancing Girl Press.

And I’ll bet the Prez wishes I would have sent this info to him yesterday. Then he could have avoided a trip to the shopping mall.

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