Whoopi Goldberg: Energy Expert?

Well, it looks like members of Congress aren’t finished with their navel-gazing over the extension (or not) of the payroll tax cut. And one of the stumbling blocks — at least for House Republicans — is the provision about whether to go ahead (or not) with the construction of an oil pipeline from Canada to the Gulf Coast. Wonder if Woopi Goldberg could help sort out this key economic and energy issue?

I’ve never watched The View — but apparently Woopi’s creds on engergy-related issues stem from the fact that she is an expert at passing gas.

Here’s the story as reported in The Daily Mail, “Woops! Whoopi Goldberg stuns The View panel as she passes wind on live television“:

She’s used to making others laugh, but Whoopi Goldberg’s jokes are typically intentional.

Not so today, when the 56-year-old comedienne farted on her daytime talk show, The View.

Whoopi interrupted Homeland star Claire Danes with the very loud, very unsettling noise.

Her fellow co-hosts, Sherri Shepard, Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck looked on in stunned bemusement.

The Oscar winner isn’t shy about her penchant for passing gas in public, especially when it happens to be on her ABC morning show.

She admitted as much back in May when Dr. Oz made an appearance on the programme.

While discussing the benefits of fibre with Oprah Winfrey’s resident doctor, Whoopi revealed that she had been farting all morning long and does so quite consistently on TV.

Host Barbara Walters was so disgusted that she moved to the other side of the couch.

Oh, well. Who says the quality of intellectual debate in this country has declined? I digress.
And something tells me that if the House Republicans balk as expected tonight at endorsing the Senate-approved two-month payroll tax package, it will go over like, well, a fart on The View.


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