A One-Fingered Salute for Hawaii Five-O

OK. I know I should be fretting about the big news stories: the extension (or not) of the payroll tax holiday, Newt getting the nod (or not) from the GOP, and the war in Iraq coming to an end (or not). But like almost everyone else, I’m bored with those stories. So here’s one I like.

As I opined last week, the nation pretty much yawned through the 70th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. And that’s too bad, since as a nation we owe the greatest generation who fought and won that war our gratitude. Hey, let’s face it. Without them, we would be speaking German now and getting ready to order Sushi for lunch. I hate Sushi. Just sayin’.

Anyway, here’s the story. A group of vets who survived the Pearl Harbor attack were in Hawaii last week to commemorate the event. Good for them. But apparently bad for the crew of the CBS show Hawaii Five-O — who apparently couldn’t be bothered to pause their filming for a few minutes as the vets attempted to play the national anthem, conduct a memorial service in a cemetery, and so on.

Well, let’s see how that played out, as reported by the Daily Mail, “It was priceless: The moment angry Pearl Harbor veterans gave the stars of Hawaii Five-O a mass one-fingered salute“:

In days gone by this hardened bunch of war heroes may have taken a different approach.

But now, aged in their 90s, they decided to protest the only way they could when a TV crew filming hit CBS show Hawaii Five-O nearby annoyed them.

The 24-strong group were taken to Hawaii by the Denver-based Greatest Generations Foundation for the Pearl Harbor attack’s 70th anniversary.

But, as they tried to pay their respects at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, 50 yards away the Hawaii Five-O crew was being too noisy.

According to the veterans, the crew ignored their ceremony’s more solemn moments and the national anthem and just continued to film.

Steffan Tubbs is a host on Denver radio station 850 KOA and a foundation board member and has led criticism of the CBS production team.

‘The national anthem was played, colours were presented, and I noticed a couple of people didn’t stop and show their respects,’ he said.

At one point veterans were placing roses at anonymous graves when Mr Tubbs said a crew member ‘shushed’ the group and told them to move on.

Here are these guys coming back for their final visit to Pearl Harbor and Hawaii,’ Mr Tubbs said. ‘It was the ultimate disrespect.”The whole time this production crew is on the graves. Cameras, lights, tracks for the cameras. You name it.’

So, at his suggestion, the veterans took action and issued a mass one-fingered salute, military-style.

The obscene gesture was delivered in unison from a bus as they were leaving, and left them all in stitches of laughter.

Mr Tubbs said: ‘This was immature of me, but I said, “Gentlemen, if you so choose, how about we give them one big one-fingered military salute?”’

The last thing the production crew saw, he said, was a bunch of 90-year-old men flipping the bird at them.

‘It was one of the priceless moments of my life.’


This story, of course was made in heaven for Fox and Friends, and the Talking Heads opined in detail about it as I chased the treadmill in the early a.m.

Soon to follow came an apology from CBS:

CBS’s executive producer for the television series Hawaii Five-O, Peter Lenkov, issued an apology on Tuesday, December 14, 2011, on behalf of the Hawaii Five-0 production unit, to “veterans and members of the Greatest Generation Foundation whom we unintentionally offended when our events coincided.”

And according to a story in the Hawaii Reporter:

After apologizing, Lenkov said: “Our production crew is 80% staffed with local Hawaiians, many with ties to the military.  We recognize the privilege of filming in Hawaii and we are acutely aware of the deserved respect for its culture, history and the reverence that should be afforded to all of our veterans, particularly those who served so nobly in Hawaii and at Pearl Harbor.  Furthermore, the series we produce carries a demonstrative pro-military message.

“Contrary to some reports, to show respect, our crew did cease production for the playing of the national anthem, taps and for the remainder of the ceremony. When we resumed filming, we did encounter visitors from the ceremony. Any rudeness by our staff can only be attributed to haste to finish our work, not a lack of respect for men and women who have served and sacrificed for their country.  And for that, too, we sincerely apologize to any that were offended.”

OK, Mr. Lenkov, but try to keep in mind that without those vets and many more like them, the name of your show as best I can tell would be: ハワイファイブ- O
Think about it.
[Note: If it turns out that the above translation is actually the Web address for a Japanese porn site, blame Google. The editor who handles the foreign news desk for this blog is on vacation.]
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2 responses to “A One-Fingered Salute for Hawaii Five-O

  1. Good article, well what can I say the younger generation have been spoiled. I think the redo of hawaii 5-0 is lame compared to Jack Lord and gang, wow if it wasn’t for James Caan his son would be doing something other than acting. I watched it once, puked and then laughed my butt off.

  2. I agree with your article and feel so sad and discouraged. I heard the movie industry is not doing so well, 2011 was a down year. I think I have it figured out, just like our leadership in this country sucks so does the acting, so why go to the movies or why vote a dude back in for another 4 gloomy years. Most of the actors of yesteryear are gone and we are left with the rude disrespectful and liberal wacko’s. Hey if someone was kicking their dog I bet those arrogant self centered asses would have made a scene over that. These people have no time for the hero’s of the past and of today, I’m not to sure those 90 year old war hero’s could have kick those punks butts. Well the more I think of this article the madder I get. I think I will boycott these actors and staff’s production’s crew from now on and pass this email to others. God Bless America and the Legal Hero’s who fought for the worthless disrespectful creeps and weirdo’s that call themselves American’s, HA, HA, they do have a higher opinion of self than the rest of us do. Jerks!!!! God Bless our Veterans, they are National Treasure’s.

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