A Plug for a New Book: The Passengers

Hey. At least I was being honest with the headline — unlike some outlets like The Huffington Post that all too often provide a compelling headline not exactly related to the story. And if Bill O’Reilly can promote books on his TV show and website, shouldn’t this pajama-clad citizen journalist have the same opportunity?

Of course I should.

So here’s a plug for a new eBook written by my daughter, Jessica. It’s called The Passengers — and right now it is available on Apple iBooks, with listings for users of Kindle and Nook coming soon.

Jessica is a writer of fiction and poetry. She writes action/adventure novels under the pen name Benjamin Bricco.

Here’s a description of The Passengers:

Six strangers from different parts of the world meet on a private plane in Thailand. Most believe they are traveling to the eastern islands for work and play. Only one knows the truth: the plane is heading west, to the secret island home of Amador Covas-Callas, the drug overlord of the Far East. Kate Shaw, a prize-winning photographer, along with two missionaries and a private pilot, are unaware that they share a plane with one of America’s leading drug distributors, Marcus Keller. Keller, however, wants to be free of the dark shadows that haunt anyone who works for Amador Covas-Callas. He intends to convince the pilot, Syd Hopkins, to guide the plane to the western islands where he will face the cartel leader once and for all. The passengers on the early November flight must confront more than a change in direction, however. They must survive the broken airplane plummeting through the sky after being shot down by the cartel, a preacher who is descending into madness and an angry Andaman Sea. Not all members of the party will survive. But those who do will have their lives changed forever.

OK. A shameless plug for  book written by my daughter.

But with many already fretting about finding that last-minute holiday gift (see, I didn’t say Christmas), I’ll consider this more of a public service than a promotion.



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