Supercommittee: Super Fail

Wow. The Chattering Class is all worked up this morning about the apparent inability of the members of the so-called Congressional supercommittee to actually agree on anything. As I was chasing the treadmill belt this early a.m., no matter what TV station I went to the story was basically the same: Republicans and Democrats pointing the finger of blame.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me. But it doesn’t surprise me that the supercommittee has failed. It surprises me that anyone thought it would succeed. And really. Congress and the Prez shamefully punted by giving the ball to this small group in the first place.

So now what?

In theory, there will be $1.2 trillion in mandated spending cuts to defense and other programs that kick in in 2013. LOL. Congress will work most of next year making sure that doesn’t happen.

And what about the issues of unemployment and growing our economy? Can we really wait until late January 2013 to do something — and even that date means nothing if we end up with another split Congress.

So while most Americans are figuring how to get into the queue on Black Friday to boost the economy, consider the business of Washington and how it works:

Policy wonks identify a problem (real or imagined) and conduct research…public and private policy groups hold meetings to explore the issues…the Chattering Class takes sides via traditional and social media…lobbyists press for their positions…Congress holds meetings and conducts hearings and sends out trial balloons…fail.


So it goes.



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