Ohio Issue 2: Vote No

OK. I’m going to be brief today. Vote No on Ohio Issue 2.

As I’ve mentioned in this space previously, I’ve already voted via absentee ballot. I’ll stand with the teachers, firefighters, cops and nurses on this issue. But I don’t stand in a queue these days to do much of anything. So I’m a happy camper this morning not having to drive anywhere to vote.

But if you are waiting in line to vote, here are two articles that might help inform your vote on Issue 2.

First, here’s a signed editorial in the NYT, “In Ohio, a Hint About 2012.”

Second, an op-ed in the NYT this morning by Joe Nocera, “Teaching With the Enemy.”

Ohio has been racing to the bottom for at least two decades. A yes vote on Issue 2 does nothing but accelerate that slide.

One response to “Ohio Issue 2: Vote No

  1. Sorry, but I am voting yes. Unions were once good but no more. They have created the entitilment mentality. Public workers are not held to the same standards as the private sector. When wa sthe last time you heard of a strike for more employees? Strikes are usually for more pay and more benefits. Well, welcom to the real world. Be held accountable for your work and have to pay for your healthcare like the rest of us. Vote YES!

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