Occupy Wall Street: Sure. Why Not?

Maybe it’s just me. But as soon as Rosanne Barr joins a protest or demonstration you can figure that any real substance has given way to the absurd. And that’s a shame because it strikes me that those on the streets in Lower Manhattan as part of the Occupy Wall Street demonstration do have a message about corporate greed and the failure of our elected officials to place some constraints on the bankers and other miscreants who nearly crashed the world’s economy.

Here’s Ezra Klein writing in WaPo, “Wonkbook: What does ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Want?“:

Two weeks ago, I was walking through New York when I stumbled on a crowd chanting angrily at a mass of police. “They’re arresting them,” someone said to me. “Who?” I asked. “The Occupy Wall Streeters,” he said. Someone else held up a cell phone camera. “The whole world is watching,” he shouted.

It didn’t seem that the whole world was watching, at least not then. The next day, I tried to contact the protest’s organizers for an interview, but it didn’t come together. An effort to look up their demands online didn’t yield much. I figured the protests would fizzle. Instead, they’re gaining strength. Almost 1,000 protesters were arrested this weekend on the Brooklyn Bridge, and sympathy protests are spreading to cities all across the country. Occupy Wall Street is leading papers and news shows. The whole world, or at least the whole country, actually is watching.

The protesters are also gaining institutional support. MoveOn.org is sending e-mails about “an amazing wave of protest against Wall Street and the big banks has erupted across the country.” They’re planning to join with organized labor to march to the Occupy Wall Street site on Wednesday. A live videofeed from the protests will kick off the liberal Campaign for America’s Future annual conference, and Van Jones’s ‘Rebuild the Dream’ coalition is staging a “virtual march.”

The Occupy Wall Street protests are explicitly inspired by, and modeled on, the Tahrir Square protests in Egypt. And though that’s a tough act to follow, it’s clear the Occupy Wall Street protests are catching a fire all their own. The question now is what they do with it. The jockeying has already begun to suggest an agenda to the protesters — see these proposals by Mike Konczal and Nick Kristof — and, in the embrace of the activist left, to join the protesters to an agenda that already exists, much as happened with the Tea Party and the conservative movement.

We’ll see, over the next few weeks, which, if any of these paths, tempt the protesters. Up until now, the organizers have seemed to view the decentralized, inchoate nature of the protests as a strength for the nascent movement, not a weakness. The unifying idea has been drawing attention to “the 99,” not offering a concrete policy agenda. The New York Times quoted a a pep talk a woman gave to a new protester. “It’s about taking down systems, it doesn’t matter what you’re protesting,” she said. “Just protest.”

“Just protest.”

Well, good luck with that. The Wizards of Wall Street will never be shamed into doing anything that isn’t in their own self-interest, and the lock that the bankers and money managers have on politics and the USA economy remains solid.

Better that millions of Americans converge on DC with pitchforks to prod lawmakers and other miscreants to actually do something about creating jobs and strengthening the economy.

Just sayin’.




6 responses to “Occupy Wall Street: Sure. Why Not?

  1. Just an extenson of the white house…our first anti-american president promising to “transform america”. These people are the same useful idiots that the left always uses…from the “one world” funded George Sores/Move on.org crowd, to the socialist SEIU labor unions to the avowed-and proud of it-Communist Van Jones. They protest against the very things they vote for..and of course coming from columbiand nyu they protest againsthe system that allows their parents to afford the 50-60K tuition. Who else has the time?? Time will tell when the people who have played by the rules, have taken responsibility for their financial outcome and are sick and tired of the so called “victims” and the “loser of life’s lottery” also take to the streets. Unforrtunatley, I’ll have to clear that with my boss because I actually work for what I have and domn’t have much free time to sleep in am park and eat free pizza and cash in whole food couponds

  2. Free time to sleep in parks? Really! LMAO. Ok people have been out of jobs for so long that benefits run out (and we say the number is going down because they are no longer accounted for). You can fool the people no more with the bankers of Wall Street running the country for greed! Our people are suffering! No jobs will get you crazy people that will do anything to take care a starving child and family! Wake up bankers and Wall Street… (Ceo’s and corporate greed)! we are coming after you!!!!!

  3. “We are coming after You”. really?? Love you but who are you coming after?? the portion of the mob who feel they have a right to share in the money that other people earn-do you stand with them? the outright anti-semetics that are on tape blaming all of this on the “jew bankers”-do you stand with them? maybe its Rosanne Barr who told the mob that 100 million was all you should be allowed to earn, and if you don’t agree with that you should go to a re-education camp and if that fails you should have your head cut off-do you stand with them? Or maybe Francis Fox Piven and Van Jones who incite the mob to nothing short of outright revolution and the downfall/overwhelming of our capitalist system-do you stand with them?? Just let me know exactly what your coming after…because if its the same “socialist utopia” that has never worked, and led to the deaths of hundreds of millions of people and the suffering of hundreds of millions more, I can’t help you…but I will always welcome you home with open arms and God’s Love!

  4. My Bad…I shud hav nown the spelin did n’t reflect yur levl of blogin!!
    Just frustrated like i think most of the country is frustrated…I blame it all on your father!

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