U.S. Open Tennis: Gotta Love It

Well, for the thousands, hundreds one or two of you who read these posts regularly who may have noticed my absence for the past few days. I’ll admit it. I took a long weekend away from my duties as an early a.m. pajama-clad citizen journalist and spent the holiday weekend in New York City at the U.S. Open.

Gotta love it. And I did. Amazing tennis. Sunny and warm weather. And NYC has really become a pleasant — albeit expensive — place to visit. Wonder what happened to all the miscreants wielding squeegees at most traffic signals? Maybe they all have green jobs somewhere now as a result of the first Obama job stimulus program. (Or not.)

Since I was on holiday over the weekend, I gave my vast editorial staff the time off as well. And I’m a news junkie. But for four days, the only publication I read was the U.S. Open daily schedule listings and commentaries. No newspapers. No Internet news sites. No Facebook or Twitter. Gotta love it.

But I’ll admit it. That lack of journalistic rigor has put me behind the eight ball when it comes to opining on the big stories of current interest. Did Obama give his jobs speech yet? I’ll check later today.

So let me get back in the pundit groove with some random musings from my stay in the Big Apple and time following the bouncing tennis balls.

  • Has any flight in the history of commercial aviation left any NYC airport on schedule? Just askin’. And for the lone AirTran gate attendant who had no clue where the plane was 90 minutes after its scheduled arrival/departure, I’m sure you would enjoy your days more if someone handed you a squeegee and let you stand at the corner of W48th Street and 7th Ave.
  • Could a sporting event be held in this country if no beer or food were served? I’ll admit to sipping a brew or two (or three) during the course of a match, but I draw the line on downing a bucket full of cheese nachos as Roger Federer begins to serve at 12:30 a.m.
  • Tennis fans appear to be much more civil and orderly than those who attend football and baseball games and soccer matches. They also appear to be a lot thinner and fitter. Just sayin’.
  • They also, on average, must have considerably more disposable income. Beer costs $8 for a short glass; a turkey sandwich could set you back $10 or more. And to get past the front gate at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center you have to go through a search that would make the Homeland Defenders proud. Wonder how many are trying to sneak in a turkey sandwich?
  • And while nobody in the crowd read a newspaper between points or matches, just about everyone had a smart phone to keep connected with the outside world via texts, emails and so on. Seems that merits a double fault. One for not being able to get off the grid for even a few minutes. The other for being an asshat. Oops. I digress.

Anyway, I’m back from an enjoyable weekend — and while I haven’t played tennis in about 10 years, I’m a fan who appreciates the spectacular skills of the players.

And I’ll check now on the status of Obama’s jobs plan.

I’m sure the Republicans can’t wait to return serve.

Gotta love it.


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