Labor Day and the End of Summer

OK. I’ll admit it. I really don’t have much to opine about — or complain — about today. The Prez finally has a date to talk about jobs with Congress. Mad Dog is camped out in the sewer system somewhere in Libya. And we’ll have to keep an eye on the storm heading toward the Gulf, but Katia has been downgraded to a tropical storm so with luck no repeat of Irene’s visit to the East Coast last week.

So I’m ready to enjoy the long holiday weekend.

Last year on Labor Day I was in Budapest, starting an incredible extended visit and vacation. And I know I’ve mentioned this previously, but if you have the opportunity to visit Hungary — and Budapest and other cities — by all means do it. Here’s a recent feature about Budapest in the NYT.

And I recognize that Labor Day is now a day of work for many — given that our economy has tilted toward service industry jobs and that public service employees and health care providers may be on the job as usual.

Still, Labor Day signals the end of summer and the beginning of fall. And call me an optimist. Even though any big jobs proposal Obama advances Thursday night it will be DOA in the House, I’m still expecting a miracle in September — with the Cleveland Indians making it to the playoffs if not the World Series.

Enjoy the holiday weekend.


4 responses to “Labor Day and the End of Summer

  1. Gotta have a little fun before the weekend…..
    The only guardnteed, sure-fire, can’t miss speech the prez could give next week to increase jobs and stimulate the economy would go something like this:
    “Mr. Speaker, Mr. President, Members of Congress…After much soul searching on the golf course at Martha’s Vineyard last week my comprehensive jobs and economic stimulus bill consists of the following: I will not seek, nor will I accept my parties nomination for a second term as the President of these United States.
    If you need me I’ll be in Hawaii.
    Goodnight, Good Luck and God Bless!”
    Now that’s a speech!!!!

  2. Sorry…a little giddy…
    Alex starts his defense of the PA Quad A state championship tonight as the starting right guard and weak side D tackle. Nothing like a little HS football to make you forget about the day to day worries…….

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