I Read the News Today, Oh, Boy

Some days it would be great to get up at 3 a.m., fire up the computer, and sit back with a pot of strong coffee while scanning what might be labeled as good news. But, alas, for this pajama-clad citizen journalist, the early a.m. is filled with stories that would make a sane person head back and crawl under the bed if not the covers: the continuing debt debacle Inside the Beltway, wars in Afghanistan and elsewhere, Carmaggeddon in Los Angeles, Mad Dog still sitting pretty in Libya, and so on. Next thing you know we’ll find out that a national news organization is tapping our phones.

Then there is the chilling story about Leiby Kletzky, the 8-year-old boy who was abducted and murdered when he got lost on his first solo trip walking home from a summer camp in Brooklyn. If you’re a parent, know someone who has children, or plan on having children, this is the nightmare that gets you up and keeps you up long before 3 a.m.

So, since we are sliding head first into another summer weekend, I figured I search for some good news. Here goes.

  • Mila Kunis. Marine Sgt. Scott Moore, stationed in Afghanistan, posted a video on YouTube inviting Mila to attend a Marine Corps Ball in North Carolina in November. And she said yes. Whoo-hoo. OK. She’s waffling a bit now, suggesting that film scheduling conflicts might prevent her from going. But it’s a feel-good story and here’s hoping she goes. And let’s see. Dear Pippa –oops, I digress.
  • Christian Lopez. Christian was in the right place at the right time, coming out of a Rugby scrum in the bleachers at Yankee Stadium holding the ball that Derek Jeter knocked out of the park for his 3,000th hit. Then Christian did something that struck at the heart of all the Wall Street Titans of Commerce: He gave the ball to Jeter without trying to profit from it — even though some opine that the ball would be worth $100,000 or so if the tried to sell it. Well the Yankees rewarded his good deed by giving him some free tickets and other stuff — but get this, he immediately was hit with a $14,000 tax bill. Note to the Prez and Mitch: This is why people in the real world are pissed off. I digress again. But good news. Several companies have stepped up and offered to pay the tax bill as well as give him $50,000 or so from various promotions. I’m convinced Tim Geithner would have kept the ball.
  • USA women’s soccer team. This is the best good news story of the summer. The USA women’s team plays Japan on Sunday for the World Cup. And as Sally Jenkins opined in WaPo after their semifinal win over France, “Bulletin to the spray-on tan crowd: Beat it. The big girls are here.” And for those of us here in the USA, unlike with the deficit, spending and budget talks, at least with the women’s soccer team we’ll always have Hope. Just sayin’.

Have an enjoyable weekend — with nothing but good news.


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