Something to Write Home About: Snow in June

Well, I saw something this morning I’ve never seen before: snow in June. I’m vacationing in Breckenridge, Colorado, and as I got up this early a.m. to fire up my international media empire, I peeked out the window, and hey, where did the mountains go? All I could see was snow streaming past the window, covering the trees and roads.

Depending on which bartender you talk to — and I’ve surveyed a few in the interest of timely, accurate reporting since we’ve been here — Breckenridge had anywhere from 500 to 800 inches of snow last winter. And that’s good news for the skiers who flock here. But also good news for many others in Colorado who depend on the melting snow to provide water throughout much of the year.

And yesterday kind of reinforced my perception of a Colorado day. Sunny and warm enough at mid-day to trigger a mild sunburn while drinking beer outside on a patio. Then cold and snow at night, followed by warmer temps, blue sky and sun.

I was going to post something insightful today about the war in Libya — or not — and the GOP presidential hopefuls — or not.

But I found the snow much more interesting.

Just sayin’.


2 responses to “Something to Write Home About: Snow in June

  1. Hi Rob, enjoy the snow. It’s soooooo humid hot and HUMID here–unbearable. How neat to have a change of seasons in June for you.

    My relatives in AZ can go snow skiing in the morning and swimming in the evening. Each region has it’s own good and bad points.”

    They are building a huge Marriott 4 story, 197 room hotel in Fairlawn by Rte. 18 and Rte 77. Now you can vacation in your own back yard. Be safe and enjoy. I love reading of your travels, and today’s troubles, i.e. SS, Hef and Crystal, Palin, etc. etc. ad nauseum.(SP?) kEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

    • Helen,

      I don’t miss the heat and humidity in Ohio. And we usually come to Breckenridge in July when it is warmer. But every day here you kind of experience the four seasons: winter at night, spring in the morning, summer in the afternoon and fall in early evening. Just a beautiful part of the country.

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