Her Royal Hotness: Pippa

Wow. I kind of got blown away by the media and public frenzy surrounding the royal nuptials. And yeah. Like any journalist, I consider it my professional responsibility to find out whether Pippa was wearing underwear during the ceremony at Westminster Abbey.

But alas. There are bigger fish to fry. So I’ll leave it to others to follow closely any breaking details about that cover-up — or not.

Here’s from Sabotage Times:

After the Royal Wedding everyone’s talking about one arse – and amazingly it’s not Prince Philip.

Well said.

OK. On to other matters.

The head sleds at NATO say they are not targeting individuals or civilians in their military missions. Yet bombs launched from planes at high altitudes somehow manage to fly down the chimney of whatever house Mad Dog Gadhafi and family are staying. Go figure. And it strikes me that the USA is about to sign a long-term lease on property in Tripoli — matching the timeshares we can’t unload in Afghanistan and Iraq.

And members of Congress return this week from an Easter recess to deal with the federal debt limit, the 2012 budget, taxes, entitlements and so on. I know. Alert the militia — and get the women and children off the streets. It’s gonna be nasty.

Oh well. At least we’ll have some other asses to concentrate on.

And there’s nothing that I can add about the death of Osama bin Laden. So I won’t even try. I missed the TV announcement by the Prez last night — long after I was sound asleep. And I first learned about the story early this a.m. when I checked my BlackBerry and several WSJ messages greeted me with the good news.

Still, of the many stories I’ve read and seen, this one may have captured the most memorable moment. It’s from Mediate, “White House Crowd Breaks Out In National Anthem To Celebrate Bin Laden Death.”

On the heels of the blockbuster revelation that Osama bin Laden is dead, CNN cameras at the White House captured a spontaneous celebration just outside the North fence of the White House. As anchor Wolf Blitzer tossed to a live shot of the gathering crowd, which Blitzer said had been chanting “USA! USA!”, the crowd broke into a spontaneous rendition of The Star Spangled Banner that could become an iconic image in American history.

The contrived nature of much of modern TV news coverage makes this clip all the more remarkable. While bin Laden’s death doesn’t come close to restoring what was lost on September 11, 2001, it is obviously an important milestone in the national psyche, and a just, if too long delayed, result.


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