Cougars and Playboys

Like most things these days, I’m sure I’m looking at this all wrong. But here goes. At my age, a cougar interested in me would be a woman well into her 80s. Woot.

And I’ve done some strange things over the course of 63 years. Hey, I was an undergrad at Kent State during the ’60s.

But that age dynamic seems a bit, well, creepy.

Maybe not. And maybe it’s like Obamacare. You know that kind of relationship is going to be a disaster. You just don’t know how big of one until you try it. Oops. I digress.

So a tip of the asshat to Hef, who at 84 announced his engagement to 24-year-old former Playboy Playmate Chrystal Harris.

Good luck — best wishes — and here’s hoping that the coming cuts in Medicare dictated by Obamacare don’t touch Viagra.




One response to “Cougars and Playboys

  1. Haha… Oh Hef..

    Money, power and the ability for the dumb girls to propel themselves in the spot light by using him.

    It can’t be that bad of a gig for a couple years.

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