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Back from the Beltway: Pat-Down Anyone?

Well, I made it back to NE Ohio from a brief visit Inside the Beltway. And first full disclosure: I hate flying these days. It’s like having a colonoscopy in public without anesthesia.

But second full disclosure: the trip to DC and back wasn’t bad. And I had absolutely no problems moving through security at either Cleveland Hopkins or Reagan National. As someone who tends to look at the glass as being half empty — if containing any liquid at all — these days, that was somewhat disappointing. I was kinda looking forward to having the opportunity to complain about the experience to the thousands one or two who read these posts regularly.

And realistically, at my age, how many times do you have the opportunity to be groped in public? Sigh.

Oh well. I’m back and sort of easing my way into the weekend. So I’ll let Charles Krauthammer via his WaPo column do the heavy-lifting opining today. Like me, he can’t figure out why the Dems are so upset about the tax deal Prez O negotiated with the lame ducks in Congress. Of course, unlike me, he actually has some Inside the Beltway insights in his column, “Swingle of the year.”

Here’s an excerpt:

Barack Obama won the great tax-cut showdown of 2010 – and House Democrats don’t have a clue that he did. In the deal struck this week, the president negotiated the biggest stimulus in American history, larger than his $814 billion 2009 stimulus package. It will pump a trillion borrowed Chinese dollars into the U.S. economy over the next two years – which just happen to be the two years of the run-up to the next presidential election. This is a defeat?

And more:

Hence that news-conference attack on what the administration calls the “professional left” for its combination of sanctimony and myopia. It was Obama’s Sister Souljah moment. It had a prickly, irritated sincerity – their ideological stupidity and inability to see the “long game” really do get under Obama’s skin – but a decidedly calculated quality, too. Where, after all, does the left go? Stay home on Election Day 2012? Vote Republican?

No, says the current buzz, the left will instead challenge Obama for the Democratic nomination. Really now? For decades, African Americans have been this party’s most loyal constituency. They vote 9 to 1 Democratic through hell and high water, through impeachment and recession, through everything. After four centuries of enduring much, African Americans finally see one of their own achieve the presidency. And their own party is going to deny him a shot at his own reelection?

Not even Democrats are that stupid. The remaining question is whether they are just stupid enough to not understand – and therefore vote down – the swindle of the year just pulled off by their own president.

Well, sometimes those who spend too many of their days Inside the Beltway just don’t get it.

So we’ll see if the Dems in Congress go along with the Prez and vote to extend tax cuts and extend unemployment benefits.

If not, we’re all in for an aggressive pat-down come January 1.