The Cavs, Cleveland and Back to Reality

OK. I’ll admit it. I staged my own protest last night in honor of LeBozo’s homecoming. I was sound asleep in front of the TV by 8:30. Woot!

And I take it I didn’t miss anything. Unless it was the fiasco of the Cavs folding quicker than a tent in a tornado.

Oh well.

So maybe we can finally bring closure to this pathetic obsession with the comings and goings of one self-indulgent and self-delusional athlete. Here’s from Terry Pluto:

Cavaliers fans certainly dealt with the return of LeBron James to Cleveland with far more class than the defending Most Valuable Player handled his move to Miami.

That’s a credit to this these fans and this city.

It’s probably a downer to some in the national media who arrived in town for Thursday night’s game much like that ghoulish segment of fans who attend auto races hoping for a major crash.

After all, we are supposed to be the land of the Great Unwashed, where people still live in caves, killing dinosaurs for dinner and then eating them with our bare hands. Beer Night, Bottlegate and general ugliness is supposed to rule in this cultural wasteland.

Don’t you get tired of all that? Aren’t you sick of seeing video of those few guys who burned James” jersey when he announced that he was “Taking my talents to South Beach”? Or that somehow we would fail to survive the loss of a 25-year-old basketball player?

We really do have bigger fish to fry here in Northeast Ohio: extremely high unemployment, improving education and school funding so our young people have a chance to succeed, and finding a way to keep our young people living in the region after they attend — and hopefully — graduate from college. Many abandon the area as quickly as possible — going to other cities that offer the promise of better opportunities. Uh, just like you know who.

And talking about bozos. Let’s hope the Republican and Democratic members of Congress can do something soon about the tax hikes that are scheduled to go into effect January 1, about the long-term unemployed who are losing benefits, and about an economy that is not generating any where near enough jobs for millions of Americans who want and need to work.

Maybe we should all go to Capitol Hill while these matters are being debated.

We could laugh, boo, turn our backs — and hold our breath until something actually gets done Inside the Beltway.

Of course, that may be more of a stretch than thinking the Cavs had a chance to beat Miami last night.


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