Daily Archives: December 2, 2010

LeBozo’s Return: A Black Eye for Cleveland?

Gee. Am I supposed to laugh? Boo? Stand up and turn my back to the TV? Hold my breath until Congress adopts the new spirit of bipartisanship?

Oh boy. LeBozo is coming back to Cleveland for a game against the Cavaliers tonight. And I knew this would be a huge story locally. But I wasn’t prepared this morning while chasing the belt on the treadmill to see how much national news coverage this spectacle is getting: CNN, Fox and Friends, ESPN and so on. And USA Today opines at length about the security measures for the game and for LeBozo while he is in the city.

Good grief. You would have thought Politico had caught Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner diddling each other at the base of the Washington Monument. I digress.

OK. I’ll admit it. I wasn’t all that upset when LeBozo packed his sneakers and left for Miami. It’s arguably still a free country and he’s an employee just like most working Americans. If he thinks he can cut a better deal for himself and his family, then go for it.

But it was upsetting the way he did it — basically trashing Cleveland and the many local and enthusiastic basketball fans here on national TV.  Hard to imagine orchestrating an announcement in a more pathetic manner — or in a way that was so harmful to his reputation. LeBozo.

So I understand why people — and not just basketball fans — are mad and want to make sure that everyone knows it tonight on national TV.

But folks, LeBozo does not define Cleveland or Northeast Ohio. He is essentially an overpaid, self-indulgent young athlete with, apparently, a mutant pituitary gland.

So go ahead tonight and laugh, boo, turn your back and hold your breath. And drink your beer out of a paper cup.

But if the crowd watching at the Q — and elsewhere — comes off as a gaggle of asshats, then in front of a national TV audience and extensive media coverage we reinforce the widely held view of Cleveland as being the “mistake on the lake.”

And LeBozo wins.