Don’t Touch My Junk: The SNL Ad

Wow. Everyone is getting into the act about the grab-ass that is taking place at our nation’s airports. Prez O says he feels our pain — even as the homeland defenders continue to feel-up travelers.

Oh well. I opined that “Don’t Touch My Junk” could well become the modern equivalent of “Don’t Tread on Me.” (And a major hat-tip here to Charles Krauthammer, who spotlighted this notion in the Washington Post.)

Clearly people are mad about this invasion of privacy. Here’s from a NYT editorial, “The Uproar Over Pat-Downs“:

The Fourth Amendment would certainly protect Americans from unnecessary, overly intimate security checks. And nothing in the Constitution permits power-happy or just downright creepy people from abusing their uniforms and the real need for security. The government could start by making their screening guidelines clear. And they should respond to the concerns of people like the woman who told The Times that she is patted down every time because of an insulin pump.

We’ll see. Even when the public — and voters — are mad, it takes a while for the Inside the Beltway crowd to get it. For instance, John Boehner took a commercial flight from Reagan National to Ohio. But guess what? He didn’t have to go through the security queue, full-body scan or aggressive pat-down. Wonder if I’ll be extended the same courtesy on my trip to DC in early December?

Just dreamin’.

So, since this isn’t going to change anytime soon, SNL has come up with the right approach for the image-challenged TSA. Here’s the back-story and a link to the SNL ad — via Mediaite.

The TSA is having a bit of an image problem, what with reports of rampant, illicit junk-touching—a problem on which even President Obama was asked to comment. So, with the busy holiday season approaching, the chartiable folks at SNL tried to help out by making a steamy new ad for the TSA, one that rebrands intrusive pat-downs as intimate companionship.

Go ahead. Watch the SNL ad.

Hey, this pat-down thing might not be so bad after all.



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