Midterm Elections: The Morning After

Wow. Tough night to be a Democratic incumbent. Even Bristol Palin managed to win — keeping her spot on Dancing With The Stars for at least another week. Woot.

There will be a lot of opining today and in the weeks to follow about what caused the shift from just two years ago — what this will mean in terms of policy and legislation at all levels of government throughout the nation — and where we are going now, particularly as the train leaves the station this morning to start the race for the White House in 2012.

Among many, here’s an informed analysis by Karen Tumulty in The Washington Post, “Once again, the electorate demanded a new start.” Here’s an excerpt:

So you would think that, by now, politicians in Washington would have gotten the message: They must be doing something wrong.

From the moment they lift their right hands to take the oath of office, lawmakers are now on notice that their hard-won power may be short-lived.

Let’s hope.

Here’s my take on the midterm elections — the morning after.

People, particularly in states like Ohio, are concerned about jobs and the economy. In many ways, I believe it is just as simple as that. And the fact that it is the economy, stupid, explains to me the clean sweep by the Republicans in all the top Ohio elected positions, with John Kasich winning election as governor. This, by the way, has huge implications for the elections in 2012.

Also, despite the wins for Republicans in federal, state and local races, the country remains very much divided liberal, conservative, moderate and independent.  In 2008, we just wanted W to go. And Obama was better than the alternative: Hillary. Just sayin’.

I watched the election results last night on Fox News — until my wife made me change to CNN. She was weary of the Fox News interviews with Sarah Palin.

So I guess the ideological and philosophical battle over control of the remote at my house begins in earnest today.

Just like the race for the White House.


2 responses to “Midterm Elections: The Morning After

  1. Ha! Mom emailed me and her first line was very ominous: “Your father learned how to use the ‘last’ button on the remote.” Don’t torture her too much with Fox News though. You might not get Shnizel for Thanksgiving if you do!

    • If you can control the “last” button you can just about control the universe as best I can tell. And I thought we were having Snitzel for Thanksgiving.

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