Inside the Beltway: Sweet

Well, this time yesterday morning I was at a hotel Inside the Beltway munching on a breakfast of granola, fruit and toast and quaffing as much coffee as possible. Sweet.

Until the bill arrived: $17.90 — and a gratuity would be greatly appreciated. Sweet Maria. OK. I guess that isn’t that outrageous for cities where people visit, conduct business and where people can get jobs paying above minimum wage: Washington, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Cleveland and so on.

I’ve been heading Inside the Beltway on business now for decades. And it strikes me that this is the one place in the country that is never touched by the realities that face the rest of the country: unemployment, downturns in housing and so on. Sweet.

OK. OK. I know. That applies mostly to the Intelligentsia — those who prosper from their relationships with government, the military, corporations, nonprofits and service industries, including public relations.

It doesn’t apply to everyone. Here’s an example.

I’m taking a taxi from the airport to a meeting just outside the power corridor of K Street. And I can see that the driver is making notes while stuck in traffic on a yellow legal pad. He opines that he is preparing his brief for a legal case that he is pursuing against the federal government and the Obama administration.

Here’s the backstory. He says he makes $12,000 a year — but two credit card companies allowed him to charge $60,000 to fix up a house he owns. The idea was to make repairs and flip the house during the housing boom. Well, the rest is history. Note to self: How can you lose money on any house in DC? I digress.

His grievance. He argues that he should receive the same bailout considerations as Wall Street, the banks and Government Motors. Sweet.

And hard to disagree with him. Just sayin’.

So that was my trip Inside the Beltway — and I made my way back to Cleveland despite the hurricane-force winds that greeted the airplane about 50 miles from the airport.

And given the delays, I didn’t get to see the season debut of Team LeBozo.

But I understand that didn’t go very well.



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