How I Spent My Summer/Fall Vacation

For the thousands one or two of you who followed my five-week vacation in Europe this summer and fall, here are some modest updates.

When we were in Salzburg we toured one of the salt mines. To get from one level of the mine to another, you had to go via a slide. Think of it as riding on a wooden banister at breakneck speed with no brakes directly into Dante’s seventh circle of hell. Woot. My blood pressure is slowly returning to normal.

And on our trips from Budapest we visited Italy and Slovenia. I could write some commentary and post photos, but fortunately no need. My daughter, Jessica, has already done the heavy lifting on her blog, Budajest.

So I think I’ll just sit back and relax, take a quick nap and try to rally for the Yankees/Rangers game.

Gee. Maybe I need another vacation.


4 responses to “How I Spent My Summer/Fall Vacation

  1. This pic is so hilarious because the three women are all screaming like crazy and somehow you look almost bored, as if you’ve been salt-mine sliding your whole life !!! Gyorgyi and I decided that this must be your survivor-mode stare. I think I’ve seen it before in a few of the rafting pictures. 🙂

    • Well, I figured it was best not to let any personal injury lawyers see me smiling as we made our descent into the abyss. Something tells me you won’t find that slide at Disney World.

  2. Though you can’t see it on my face, I was really close to a heart attack. Objectively, I think you posed to this picture the best. Have you been practicing? 🙂

    • I think you and Jessica looked the best. And good thing we put Mary in the driver’s seat. Otherwise who knows what would have happened.

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