Douche Bags and Political Candidates

OK. I’ll admit it. I’m a little behind the curve this political season. I missed all of the early campaigning in September, spending more than a month in Europe partly on a personal international trade mission to explore the fabulous wine produced in Hungary.

And I know that I should try to figure out now which candidate to vote for based on a thoughtful review of experience, position on key issues and so on. Of course, that takes time and effort — and it’s made all the more difficult because we’ve reached the stage in the election cycle where the TV ads are so negative.

Is it just me or based on the TV ads do all the candidates appear to be douche bags?

Well, I figured that this most likely is not the first time that a number of douche bags ran for office — and I did some research. And throughout history that in fact has been the case. As evidence — consider this report via Saturday Night Live.

Just sayin’.


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