Rescue in Chile: Could You Do This?

Well, I’m starting to get back to my regular routine after being in Europe for five weeks. Last night I had a righteous nap during Dancing With The Stars. But I guess I missed the big story. The start of the rescue of the trapped miners in Chile.

Actually, that was one of the few stories I was able to keep up with while in Europe, primarily Budapest. CNN International appears to cover only one or two stories — but it repeats the broadcast and opines on it ad nauseam. Go figure.

Since CNN International and a station showing highlights of a Snooker tournament in China were the only English language broadcasts, well, you get the picture. So I followed with great interest the rescue efforts in Chile.

And every time I saw the story on TV I wondered how difficult it would be to actually get into that cylinder and take the elevator-like ride in darkness to the surface? To escape the mine. Sure. But could I do it without great angst and fear? Probably not. Could you?

As part of our trip, we visited Salzburg, Austria, and toured a salt mine. Part of that tour required you to ride about a mile into the mine on what was the equivalent of a long toboggan. The mine was cold, damp and dark. And the portal had about six inches to spare on each side. Sweet Maria. And I’m sure this was the equivalent of an amusement ride at Disney World compared to what the miners are facing in Chile.

So the rescue in Chile by any measure is a miracle. And it is one of those stories that you really don’t mind seeing over and over again.

Certainly beats Snooker.




2 responses to “Rescue in Chile: Could You Do This?

  1. I would agree, that the trip into the salz mine wasn’t quite as harrowing. BUT– I don’t think any of us will deny (especially after seeing our pictures) the terror of that wooden miner slide!!

    • Well, the slide down into the abyss was exciting. I’m sure my blood pressure will return to normal one of these days.

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