Back in the USA

Well, I’m back, following an incredible trip that included Budapest and other locations in Hungary, Italy, Austria, Slovenia and Germany. Mary and I left in late August and returned in early October. And the Cleveland Browns still hadn’t won a football game. Oops. I digress.

Anyway, for anyone interested in my travels or about the history and attractions of  a fabulous city, Budapest, please go to my daughter’s blog, Budajest.

And here are some random musings as we approach the weekend:

  • Airport security is every bit as rigorous outside the US as it is here. Returning home, we had to go through full security checks three times: in Budapest, Frankfurt and Newark. I don’t have a problem with that and being nearly naked in front of a crowd isn’t something that I have experienced since the late 60s. Still, after going through the security screening, does it make sense to give you metal knifes and forks during the flight? Just askin’.
  • Airport and airline employees don’t appear to be a group of happy campers these days. We were stuck in Newark for four hours on the return trip, and the employees at the gate were almost gleeful in letting the mob know that they knew nothing, were never told anything, and could care less in any event. Ouch.
  • Why aren’t there any Hop On, Hop Off buses in Akron? Or Cleveland?
  • We were staying in an apartment in Budapest and had access to cable TV–although with the exception of CNN International and BBC Entertainment the language of choice was Hungarian. In the five weeks we were there, not sure I really missed anything.
  • Speaking of which, on our return home I retrieved a basket of snail mail from the Post Office. Gee, there must be an election soon.

And I’m glad to be back. We left with the temps near 90 and returned to near perfect fall weather here in Northeast Ohio. Not a bad way to end your vacation.


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