Budapest: A City of Contrasts

Well, Mary and I completed the second week of our extended vacation in Budapest, visiting Jessica and Gyorgyi. And Budapest is amazing, capturing the look and feel of “old” Europe with a very vibrant and engaging metropolitan city.

And walking throughout the city — with its many narrow streets mostly lined with small shops, restaurants and apartments — is a joy. No matter which direction we go from our apartment we’re not too far from a cold beer and a bowl of goulash.

We’re also fortunate that Gyorgyi and Jessica have a car, an excellent sense of direction and nerves of steel. Driving here is not for those with a faint heart — or the desire to hug the middle lane of the expressway like most of us from Ohio. I digress.

Anyway, here are some photos that Jessica and Gyorgyi took as we visited some of the small towns and historical sites outside Budapest. And while we were at it, we had one of the best dinners ever — fresh trout — at a small place along the road and adjacent to the river.

If you are interested in following our travels — while more importantly, actually learning about Budapest and its history — go to Jessica’s blog, Budajest.

Budapest is a city of contrasts, and that makes the visit all the more enjoyable. You can spend time at a shopping mall that would be the envy of most American cities, complete with all the big international brand names. And then walk a few blocks to a market that most likely hasn’t changed much, if at all, for a hundred years or more.

And full disclosure. I found a small shop at the market that sells Jameson. Woot. Not much different than at home.

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2 responses to “Budapest: A City of Contrasts

  1. Thank you for sharing the stories and pics with us. You make us feel that we are there with you. (Good reporting) Keep the articles coming with lots of detail. May all your travels be safe and enjoyable ones. God Bless. Helen

    • Helen,
      Hello from Budapest. Thanks for your message and kind comments. We’re having a great vacation and visit. This week we were in Italy and we are going to head to Austria next. More photos to come.

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