Labor Day in Budapest

OK. I’m old enough to remember when Labor Day in the USA marked the end of summer and a time to get back to being serious about work or school. That was before the school bell rung in many places in early to mid-August. And with smart phones, the Internet, computers and so on many these days never get away from work, regardless of season.

So with most everyone getting back to a regular routine, I figured the only sensible thing for me to do was embark on a long vacation. This afternoon, Labor Day in the USA, Mary and I are sitting here drinking beer in Budapest — visiting our daughter, Jessica, and Gyorgyi.

We’ve been here a week, and here’s some photos taken by Gyorgyi and Jessica. I carry a camera mostly for show. I can’t quite figure out how to get the pixels into the computer and out into the real world. So it goes.

And if you’re interested in following our travels, check out Jessica’s blog, Budajest. Beyond following our vacation, Jessica during the past year or so has compiled a comprehensive, informative and readable guide to Budapest and surrounding cities and countries. In fact, if you are thinking about visiting Budapest — or know someone who is — Budajest is an excellent way to learn about a very scenic and historic city, complete with personal info about restaurants, tours and places to see and visit.

Hey. I could do the same thing on this blog.

But I’m on vacation.

And nobody works on Labor Day.

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4 responses to “Labor Day in Budapest

  1. Eger, wine, sunshine, beer, a few bowls of goulash! Not a bad way to spend a September 🙂

    • Totally agree. And the visit to St. Andrea winery was a great way to spend an afternoon — along with everything else we have seen and done.

  2. Your photos are lovely…and it sounds as if you are doing just what I’d love to be doing…enjoying life. School has started and I AM enjoying the classroom once more. Best in life, Rob. barb

    • Barb,
      Thanks. I am enjoying life and the trip to Budapest has been amazing — with more to come. But I do miss seeing you and my other Kent JMC friends. I hope you are doing well — and that you have an outstanding semester. Rob

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