Exercise and Sleeping

A friend asked me the other day if I was retiring from blogging. She noticed that I haven’t been writing as much or as often as previously. And, hey. What’s up with that? Well, I’m still at it. But clearly I’m not adding new posts here as often as I did a year ago — or the year before that. Why?

Several reasons — but two involve exercise and sleeping. I haven’t been doing much of either the past five months or so. Well, OK. I’m still able to doze during almost any episode of American Idol or Dancing With The Stars. But I’m not sure that counts as a full night’s sleep these days.

And I’m learning to live with the fact that the pain in my left foot ain’t going away — and my daily early-morning runs are getting more difficult and less frequent. The days of me hitting the concrete or the towpath for more than 1,000 miles each and every year are kaput. Hey, maybe I can take up ballroom dancing. Just kiddin’.

Anyway, as I was scanning the Internet sites this early a.m., I saw an interesting article in the NYT: “Phys Ed: Does Exercise Help You Sleep Better?

The jury of research pundits is still undecided on that — maybe yes, maybe not.

For me, I believe there is a strong link between exercise and sleeping and a whole lot of other things — including writing blog posts.


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