Cleveland Marathon and the Long Run

Good luck to everyone running in Cleveland Sunday — whether it’s the marathon, half marathon or 10K. It’s been more than a decade since I last ran the 10K in Cleveland. It was the Revco Marathon then — and through the years it has remained an event that celebrates fitness and personal accomplishments.

I still consider myself a runner. Although with a nagging nerve problem in my left foot that ain’t going away, my long-distance days are clearly at an end. So it’s been a good run — over the past 35 years or so. And I’m still at it. If you consider chasing the belt on the treadmill running. Woot.

Anyway I have great memories from race days past in Cleveland. And I was thinking about the Cleveland Marathon — and running in general — last week after reading an article in the June issue of Running Times. (Here’s a link — although the June issue doesn’t appear to be online as yet.”

It’s an article by Jim McKinnon — “Still Running: A 60+ Runner Reflects on a Running Life.” Here are a few excerpts.

“You’re still running, what’s this, 30, 40 years on? When did you go from being “once a runner” to “always a runner”? When did you bridge that gap? Keeping at it isn’t as easy as you thought it would be, but then running isn’t easy. You’re over 60 now, but you’re still out there putting in the miles — not as many, but you’re still consistent. Running is still the lanyard of your days. You’ve been fortunate to survive any serious injuries.”

And the last paragraph.

“That you are still running may just be your greatest running accomplishment. As long as the spark is still burning, you’ll be out there plugging along, pushing it here and there, still feeling the rush. Still running.”

Still running. I like that.

And about the photo. It’s my friend Jerry Nahas and me running the Revco 10K most likely in the mid-1980s. I could check my running logs and find out for sure. But nah. Way too much effort and to no end.

And by the way. Jerry and I ran together last year. We finished the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta on July 4.

Still running.

I hope everyone has a great run tomorrow in Cleveland — and for many years to come.


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