March Madness and Medical Maneuvering

I guess it’s a good thing I can’t swim. Otherwise, I’m sure I would always be going against the current — just like in most other areas of life. For instance, I’m not a big fan of starting daylight savings time in mid March. Other than disrupting what little sleep that I normally get, I don’t see the point. At least until the weather improves, I’d rather have more light early morning than early evening.

Saturday morning I hit the concrete early and finished in daylight for the first time in months. Today, back to the darkness of the early a.m.

I know. It’s just me. Unless you have children walking to school or standing around waiting for the arrival of a school bus. I digress as usual.

And I expect that I stand or sit with the minority when it comes to the NCAA men’s basketball tournament this year as well. I can’t get excited about it — even though I am the defending champ in the Garfield High School pool. Let’s see, among the top seeds: Kansas, Kentucky and Duke.  Sigh. No matter when — or how often — I pick any of those teams, they always manage to disappoint. Wonder if Ohio University can make a run deep into the tournament? Now that I could get excited about.

So saying all that, I guess I’ll sit back this week and watch the real March Madness — as Prez O and his team try to get the members of Congress to pick up the ball and do something about reforming health care. Wonder if they will be able to dribble to the left? C’mon! It’s Monday morning.

Anyway, the Prez is going to be in Strongsville (near Cleveland) today talking about health care as senior members of the administration look to an expected vote in the House this week. And after all these months of debate, lobbying and advertising on both sides, I’m still not sure that many — certainly me — understand exactly what this means in terms of cost, access and the sustainability of programs like Medicare and Medicaid.

And I would feel better about this if it didn’t seem to be so politically charged — with both the Democrats and Republicans keeping a watchful eye on the upcoming mid-term elections while (I hope) reading through several thousand pages of legislation.

Oh well. I might as well stop fretting about that and start considering the NCAA brackets.

Tough decisions — and just like the members of Congress — I’m facing a tight deadline.


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