Cleveland: In Defense of Misery

I guess I should be fretting about something important this morning. Instead, I can’t quit thinking about why I’m not more miserable. After all, I live in Northeast Ohio relatively close to Cleveland — the community that has topping the list of “America’s Most Miserable Cities.”

Hey. We’re No. 1! Oops.

And with Akron, Canton and Youngstown high on the list it’s almost a regional clean sweep. Sheesh.

Certainly we have our share of problems in Northeast Ohio: unemployment, an aging population, and pretty much a total lack of sunshine during the winter months among them.

But most miserable place to live? C’mon!

I’ll save some keystrokes and let others defend Cleveland and the region. That’s important. The reputation of a city/region matters when it comes to attracting employers, employees, students, investments and so on.

I know these stories generate interest and comment. But shouldn’t we as we head into the weekend be focusing on more important matters? For instance, Tiger Woods is planning to make a no-questions-allowed TV appearance today that I expect will dominate the news for days to come.

And I imagine that at this point Tiger Woods knows something about misery.

One response to “Cleveland: In Defense of Misery

  1. Forbes has always hated the American auto industry. That’s why they put Detroit and Flint, Michigan near the bottom of their Top Five loser locales. If the list was going to have any credibility, Forbes had no choice but to mention them, but didn’t want to. This is clearly reflected in failing to present the two as tied for first. But those from Detroit and Flint are used to this kind of shabby treatment from Forbes. They know they’re Number One, and that’s enough.
    Barry Knister

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