Blog Posts: Like Pulling Teeth?

Nah, I’m not complaining today about writing this post. In fact, I’m happy to be back in front of the computer and grinding it out, word after word. Yesterday morning early a.m. I had a tooth pulled. Oh, mama.

In addition to not writing anything yesterday, the rendezvous with the dentist proved to be a real routine-buster. No exercise. No work. No nothing — except planting myself in a comfortable chair with eyes glued on the TV. And yes, thank you Evan Bayh for picking yesterday to announce your retirement from the Senate. It was actual news — at least for the first dozen or so times I watched the story being repeated on the cable news networks.

Anyway, I guess not a bad way to spend a blah winter day in Northeast Ohio during a month when we will most likely break a record for snowfall. But what if you were shut-in like this most days, or every day?

I was thinking about that yesterday.

And I expect that in the next few years many people — baby boomers in particular — will be giving some considerable thought to how we spend our days, how we keep active and engaged, and quite possibly, how we keep working well beyond what used to be viewed of as a normal retirement age of 65.

Why? It’s appealing when we are busy and stressed — with work, family commitments, whatever — to endorse the notion of doing nothing, or next to nothing. But something tells me it’s not much fun — or very healthy in the long run — to do that day after day after day after day. It may be inevitable because of age, illness or other circumstances, but I’m not so sure it’s a lifestyle option of choice.

So I’m back writing and fretting about other matters. And even on days like this when the words come slowly and it is akin to pulling teeth, it sure beats the alternatives.


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