A Modest Plan to Rescue the Olympics

Well, gee, I guess it’s still winter, with snow now pushed up to my windows and encasing the driveway. And looks like chasing the treadmill belt has become the best — and for me only — option these days. Still, things could be worse. I could be in Vancouver, fretting about not enough snow as the Winter Olympics are about to begin. Or I could be in DC, getting my exercise via snow shovel as people throughout the region struggle to recover from record-setting storms.

Hmm. Organizers of the Olympics are now hauling in snow. Road crews in DC and surrounding communities don’t know where to put all the snow. So why not ship the snow from DC to Vancouver? Just a modest plan to rescue the Olympics, if it comes to that.

I know. Most likely some major logistical issues involved here — but just an idea from a pajama-clad citizen journalist who likes to look at the big picture.

And I can’t take credit for this idea. What got me thinking about it was an article this morning in the online edition of the WaPo by Amy Shipley, “Amid all the warm weather, the forecast calls for hauling in snow at the Vancouver Olympics.” Here’s from the article:

Record snowfalls may be burying the Washington area this winter, but in Vancouver the warmest January in at least 74 years and a historic lack of snow accumulation have stressed out organizers, baffled meteorologists and forced emergency measures more commonly employed to fight forest fires in the days leading up to Friday’s Opening Ceremonies.

“It’s been horrendous timing,” said David Jones, a meteorologist from Environment Canada, the nation’s meteorological service. “All of the forecasters here are feeling terrible about the weather, because we haven’t been able to deliver any good news and it keeps getting worse.”

U.S. snowboarder Nate Baumgartner said he was shocked to see people playing golf on a bright green course as he flew into Vancouver the other day, and denizens have been about in light jackets or sweatshirts.

Go figure.

By the way, for those of you keeping score, all federal agencies and offices in DC are closed again today.

For some, as reported in this Wall Street Journal online article, that’s a reason to celebrate beyond any connection to a snow emergency.

In Vancouver, something tells me that at this point anything approaching a snow emergency will be a reason to celebrate.


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