Mike Holmgren and Credibility

Well, I’m still chasing the belt on the treadmill. Ugh. And I thought I had a shot at hitting the concrete this a.m. but couldn’t pull the trigger. The Weather Channel online said 24 degrees, but feels like 11. Not today, thank you.

So I finished my run, took a quick shower, downed a bowl of cereal and some more coffee, and scanned the dead-tree edition of the Akron Beacon Journal. And I read an interesting front page column by Patrick McManamon (“Browns president begins by lending hand to legend“) about Mike Holmgren, the newly hired president of the Cleveland Browns.

McManamon focuses on the requisite sports stuff: retain coach Eric Mangini or not, interview and hire a GM, access the team and staff on more than just a few games and so on.

But the story really gets to the heart of two qualities that define leadership and success: character and credibility. And that’s true in business, government, education — and sports.

If you have read these musings previously, you know that I am a lifelong Pittsburgh Steelers fan. And I really believe that much of the success that the Steelers have had on the field for the past four decades can be linked directly to the leadership — shaped through the character and credibility — of the Rooney family.

Saying that, I would like to see the Browns succeed. It would be good for the entire community and for a really dedicated and loyal fan base that spans generations.

If Mike Holmgren brings — and maintains — character and credibility, Cleveland will have a winning team.

Yeah, leadership matters. And you don’t lead without character and credibility.


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