Fighting the Winter Blahs

Gee. This new year has been tough. I’ve been chasing the treadmill since the aughts faded away. And I generally don’t mind the cold — although this morning’s minus-16 wind chill in NE Ohio is more of a hurdle than I care to jump over to get outside at 5 a.m. Still, what’s keeping me inside and off the concrete is the snow and ice on the roads. I’m leery of slipping and falling these days.

Hey. Falls, according to the National Safety Council, are the second leading cause of accidental death for people 45 to 75. Give me a break. Sheesh.

Saying all that, I’m a big believer in the power of exercise to beat the winter blahs. C’mon. Admit it. The weeks (months?) immediately following the end-of-the-year holidays are the gloomiest of the year, particularly for those of us living in a part of the country where the sun no longer shines. In fact, Sol is on vacation until April.

And while we view the new year as providing a fresh beginning, most would agree with a former colleague of mine at Goodrich who opined when asked how he was doing: “New day, same shit.” He was a medical doctor. Go figure.

Anyway, exercise beats the blahs. And here’s an interesting article I saw this morning in USA Today while fretting about how cold it was that offers tips for getting up, getting out and getting moving into the New Year: “Winter workouts can boost your mood, but stay safe.”

And the key is just to get started: walking, skiing, running, whatever.

Hey. Just like writing the first blog post of the year.

OK. Off and running in 2010.


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