Holiday Travel: Leave That Fruitcake Home?

OK. I’ll admit it. I enjoy the holidays. It’s an extended time to visit with friends and family. I eat and drink virtually guilt free. I still manage to maintain my rigid daily schedule: get up early, scan the Internet and e-mail, down some coffee, and then hit the concrete or elliptical trainer. And this year I’m done traveling — spending an enjoyable day with my folks and family in Pittsburgh over the weekend.

Dare I say it? Woot.

Now I’m planning to hunker down through the start of the New Year — sitting by the fire and reading as many dead-tree newspapers, magazines and books as I can get my hands on. Not everyone is so fortunate, including my son and daughter who will be encountering the maze of airport security this week while returning to their respective homes.

Given the increased security at airports, is it still OK to bring that fruitcake aboard? Well, maybe. But, maybe not.¬† I came through security at Reagan National in DC a week ago carrying two gifts: cranberry bread and some cookies. Those two items were poked, shaken, tossed in the air like batons, and X-rayed. Yum. Based on that examination, it’s hard to figure how someone could walk on a plane heading to the USA with, apparently, a bomb strapped to his leg. I digress.

Anyway, the Transportation Security Administration is — and I guess understandably so — somewhat vague now about what you can expect at airport security. So for those who are traveling, here are some tips from

Also, here’s an informative story broadcast on CNN.

And since I’m not going anywhere and this is another short holiday workweek even for those of us who are quasi-retired, I might as well take the rest of the day off. You’ll find me sitting, reading, dozing and munching on fruitcake. Got to love the holidays.


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