Health Care and Snow Days: Kinda Weird

Well, let’s see. Some snow falls over the weekend Inside the Beltway and the federal government and just about everything else in the DC area comes to a halt. Yet members of the Senate hunker down, brave the storm, and work day and night to pass their version of a health care bill. That strikes me as being somewhat weird — and ironic — given that Congress doesn’t appear to accomplish much any other time. Go figure.

Hey, maybe as a matter of public policy and governance we need more snow days.

Or maybe not — depending on how you view the Senate legislation that is now gaining speed like a sled heading down a slippery slope for a Xmas Eve vote.

Does anyone really know what is in this bill — or the one that passed the House in November? I sure don’t. And it doesn’t appear to me that anyone is all that enthusiastic about it — liberals or conservatives, Democrats or Republicans. Full disclosure: I would have liked to have seen some form of a public option — recognizing that we would have to raise taxes  on incomes below the $250,000 a year threshold to pay for it.

Saying all that — we get back to what is always a key point and issue: trust.

I sincerely believe that virtually all elected officials view what they are doing to be in the public interest. And health care — like most — is an extremely complex issue without simple solutions. Yet it troubles me when I read about some of the concessions that were made to various senators to gain their support for this measure. And having firsthand experience of how the business community and insurance industry drove a stake into the heart of Hillary Care a decade ago, I find some of the allegations that members of Congress caved to industry lobbyists to have more than a measure of credibility.

So it goes.

What we really need is more trust — a fewer snow days.


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