News Media and Sarah Palin: Going Rogue?

Hey. Sarah Palin’s a runner. I like that. And I was thinking as I made my five-mile trek around the neighborhood this morning that we are in for a Palin marathon this week — with pundits opining from every electronic and dead-tree stump about her book that goes public tomorrow, Going Rogue.

I’m not sure what all the fuss is about. By now, if you are at all interested and still on the right side of the grass, you know pretty much what is in the book: critical of the McCain campaign, mad at the news media, too much emphasis on her family and so on. Ho-hum. Most already have a strong opinion about Palin — qualified for office or not, hero or villain, defender of American conservative principles or opportunist of the first order.

I can’t imagine that the content of the book will change many, if any, views.

But the commentary surrounding the book — and the way it has been promoted by Palin and the publisher — says a lot about the relationship these days about the celebrity treatment of politicians by the news media — and about civility and how the news media contributes to an environment where it is tough to talk about important issues.

For instance, here’s an interesting article from the WSJ online about how Palin is using new media — and avoiding for the most part traditional media and interviews — to promote the book.  (See — “Palin’s Book Tour Builds on Effective Web Strategy.”)

The Huffington Post pretty much grants her rock star status with an entire page of stories, photos, videos and commentary. Sheesh.

And many of the talking head TV pundits call Palin a polarizing figure. True enough. Most politicians are these days — because the nation is so polarized. Yet doesn’t the news media — particularly the cable TV shouting matches — contribute to this? Just saying’.

Maybe this just bothers me because Sarah Palin’s a runner.

091113_COVER-coverhomepageNewsweek picked up on it — with its cover photo. Gee. I guess next up will be men political leaders in swimsuits. Woot. I digress.

And you wonder why Palin holds some grudges and has some scores to settle.

The news media and Sarah Palin: going rogue?



2 responses to “News Media and Sarah Palin: Going Rogue?

  1. FYI…That photo was taken for, I’m sure, one of your favorit magazines-Runner’s World-and was used by Newsweek without permission. I’m not a big fan but its amazing the lengths the Obama media will go to try and denigrate/destroy a conservative threat.

  2. I have to agree with you on this one. The treatment that Sarah Palin has received by the news media has been shameful — on many levels. And the Newsweek cover photo pretty much lets you know where that publication is at these days.

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