Keeping a Civil Tongue Online — Well…

Does civility matter? If you read these posts regularly, or even occasionally, you know my answer is yes. And the increasing lack of civility — in Congress, on TV talk shows, in rushed e-mail messages and so on — undercuts our ability to act responsibility with others and to solve important policy issues.

Disagree with someone about politics, business, sports you name it. Sure. But does the disagreement have to be nasty — personal — mean-spirited? And I know. Nobody wants to shake hands now for fear of getting swine flu. Is that why you see so many middle-finger salutes? Just askin’.

Anyway I was thinking about all that this morning during a great (nearly pain free) five-mile run — after reading an article in The Washington Post online by Ann Gerhart, “In Today’s Viral World, Who Keeps a Civil Tongue?

Civility matters.


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