Obama: Win Some, Lose Some

Wow. There I was grinding away on the elliptical trainer this am. And CNN flashes: Breaking News. I thought that Jon and Kate were getting back together.

But nah. A yawner of a story by comparison. Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize.

Dare I say it? Woot.

OK. I know this is a godsend for the TV talking heads, bloggers and other miscreant pundits. It will keep the tongues and fingers wagging throughout the weekend — and most likely beyond.

Did the Prez merit the award? Is the Nobel Peace Prize now politicized like everything else? Is the award now being presented based on future expectations — not current or past performance? And on and on.

How any of us answer those questions depends mostly on how we view Obama — and his presidency. I voted for Obama. I want him to succeed for the good of the nation (well, short of the health-care death panels). Yet his resume is pretty thin when it comes to world peace — the two U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq somewhat of an issue here.

So just two points.

Somewhat ironic that this time last week we were fretting that O couldn’t bring home the Olympic Gold from Denmark. And that somehow that debacle diminished his presidency.

And now the pundits will be opining  that the Prez got this peace award only because of his personal popularity —  and his promise of hope — among people in other countries around the world.

Oh well. Win some, lose some.

Yet those who voted to give Obama the Nobel Peace Prize may have done all of us a big favor.

Seems like it would be disingenuous of the Prez to accept the Nobel Peace Prize one day — and then send more troops to fight in the lost cause that is Afghanistan the next.



7 responses to “Obama: Win Some, Lose Some

  1. What a joke!! Use to be you would actually have to accomplish something before an honor is bestowed upon you. I equate it to the participation trophy’s you pass out to the 0-15 T-Ball team for “trying”. maybe he will use the prize money to placate the 65,000 people lined up in Detroit waiting for “some Obama money”.

  2. I’m officially sick of Obama. I can’t believe I’m saying it but I am. They didn’t give Herta Müller the prize for lit. last week for the book she talked about writing. Oh well. Maybe those fellas in Oslo have more hope than I do 🙂

    • Well, don’t give up hope. Given the jobless recovery — and the outbreak of swine flu — that may be all we have. Wonder if there is any hope that Jon and Kate will get back together?

  3. P.S: Where’s Kanye? 🙂

  4. Jess…ActuallyI’m tring to have Kayne make an appearence at Christmas…his fees have suddenly gone down…not sure why

  5. Well I don’t want to be looped into the conservatives that I believe are doing the country more damage than anything else. And I am proud of Obama for winning the award– as an American, I’m proud. Even though he’s no Aung San Suu Kyi or Tutu yet, I hope that it will be a call to action and that he is able to fulfill these promises he’s making.

    (the reason I had to write this addendum is because I saw all of the ‘reaction’ from the neo-con talking heads and everything else and it is so utterly distasteful that I feel embarrassed to even watch them. If it were up to them, they’d see our country go up in flames before Obama succeeded in anything. And with that in mind I feel I should at least clarify that while I feel discouraged that things don’t happen faster– well they are big, important things. And I’ll try not to lose any hope over them 🙂

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