Running and Writing

Had a great five-mile run early this morning — once I mentally blocked the throbbing pain in my foot and upper leg. As the TV weather pundits would put it, you couldn’t ask for a better morning weatherwise: cool, clear and a gentle breeze. And what I enjoy most about these early-morning runs is the quiet. What a great time to think — and to enjoy.

Years ago — and for many years — I used to meet a number of friends — Walter, Jerry, Matt and others — every morning at 5 a.m. to run. A great start to the day, mixing exercise with conversation. Then as those days ended for a number of reasons more than a decade ago, I took to the streets solo — and kept with it.

Today I passed the 1,000-mile mark for the year. I’ve done that every year for the past 25 years or so — with the exception of five years ago when I tore my calf muscle playing tennis. (Note to self: no more tennis. And men’s seniors doubles has pretty much the same effect on your heart rate as  watching paint dry. I digress.)

I expect this will be the last of the 1,000-mile years. I can’t imagine that my foot will hold up under the constant pounding needed to do that. So I’ll run as much as I can and then grind away on the elliptical and ride my bike during the good weather. Hey, it’s a plan.

And as I begin to make that transition, I’m also going to start cutting back on these almost-daily blog posts. When I am running outside, I can pretty much write these posts on my mental computer and then just download via my fingers into WordPress when I get home. For some reason I can’t do that while on the elliptical or treadmill. And hey. I did name this “PR on the run.”

So I am still going to post regularly — particularly when I believe I have something to add on subjects that interest me: civility, education, running and so on. But not every day. Too tough. Like running on an injured foot.

And I appreciate those of you who stop by this blog regularly — or occasionally.


Writers don’t say that enough.


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