The Obama Games

OK. It’s not as though the Olympics are all that important. C’mon folks, get a grip. I mean the  Steelers winning the Super Bowl every year. That’s important. And yeah. The Prez returned from Denmark with only Oprah’s autograph to show for the trip. But is this really the decline of the Obama presidency? (See Mediaite, “Drudge on 2016 Olympics: World Rejects Obama.”


I wanted to opine on this today — even though few read this blog during the weekend. (And most other days for that matter. Oops. I digress.) I expect that the media (legacy and new) handwringing over the debacle of Chicago’s Olympics bid will flame out over the course of a 24-hour news cycle. We should be just about there by now.

Anyway, I figured that having the Olympics in Chicago in 2016 would be a good thing, for the city and nation. Not everyone in Chicago agreed. Some had some concerns about building more sports venues while schools and so on are in need of repair. And getting the Olympics might not even be that big a boost to the local economy — or to local jobs. (See WaPo, “Myths About Landing the Olympics.”)

Still, Obama made the right choice to go and make a pitch for the games. What’s interesting, though, is apparently Chicago never had a shot at winning. (See Politico, “Why Did Chicago Lose?“)

Now — could we get back to the big issues: health care, Afghanistan, the Great Recession and the reality of a jobless recovery.

Let the games begin!

And since I am writing on Sunday, might as well provide a follow-up to Ken Lewis, the recipient of my shout-out Friday recognition.

If you are interested in Lewis and with what is going on at Bank of America, read Joe Nocera’s column in the Saturday NYT, “Incompetent? No, Just Not a Leader.”


2 responses to “The Obama Games

  1. Sounds like a nice to have – but sometimes it is best that logic prevails – you might disagree – but I think Brazil deserves it

    • Thanks for the comment. And I do agree with you. From what I have read Brazil deserved the nod — for a number of reasons. My point is that I don’t believe it is the end of the Obama presidency because he went and made a pitch for Chicago.

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