Obama: “You Lie”

Wow. I guess Prez O can now identify with all of us who are part of the loosely defined public relations field. “You lie.” Hey, how many times have we heard that from reporters, associates, significant others, strangers waiting in line at the grocery store and so on?

Obama isn’t lying about the need for health-care reform. He says (see NYT or any number of other stories available online or printed on dead trees today) he wants everyone to have access to affordable coverage and treatment.

Most — not all — agree with that. But the devil remains in the details. And the Prez is having a difficult time conveying the specifics of what is an important and yet extremely complex reshaping of a significant part of our economy. And reforming health care challenges what we take for granted (or not, if you’re without coverage) about choice of doctors, prescription drugs and cost of coverage.

And OK. I’ll admit it. I had good intentions of watching Prez O last night. But I ended up watching the  match between Melanie Oudin and Caroline Wozniacki at the U.S. Open — while following the speech on Twitter via @thehyperfix (Chris Cillizza, WaPo).

Unfortunately, like Melanie, I folded before the end of the second set — so I had to rely early this morning on updates and posts from Cillizza and others about what the Prez said. Looks like the ball pertaining to the government insurance option has been lobbed back to Congress. Sigh.

And since I missed the speech in real time, I’m uncertain about this.

Did South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson’s shout-out — “You lie” — come before or after Obama said “the time for bickering is over”?


Maybe Melanie Oudin, since she’s out of the U.S. Open, should as a public service send her tennis shoes to the Prez.

They are inscribed with this simple message: “Believe.”


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