Dog Days and Second Chances

Nah. I’m not writing about Michael Vick. Or even about Brett Favre for that matter. Can’t get the juices flowing about either of them, or about the pro football season in general — which realistically doesn’t begin until December when the Steelers make the annual run for the Super Bowl.

And I was thinking this morning as I chased the Dreadmill for 50 minutes or so that I must be blogged down in the dog days of summer.

Hard to get that excited about most anything — even the fact that Akron is losing another of its cultural and historical icons: the World of Rubber is closing its doors at the end of the month. The Akron Beacon Journal reports that Goodyear will retire the rubber museum because of lack of attendance. Go figure.

Wonder if the dog days of summer can be blamed for what has happened to Prez O and the supporters of health-care reform in Congress? Too hot to step outside to see how many trial balloons are being floated on any given day. Oops. I digress.

When the pols and special-interest groups were waging their tongues at each other inside the Beltway things were good. Then they left DC to go home on summer vacation. Now, according to an NBC News poll released Tuesday, support for just about any health-care reform plan is waning.

Clearly the administration is off message when it comes to the debate over health-care reform. And there is talk now — as reported on CNN this morning — that the Dems in Congress with the backing of the administration are just going to force through legislation when everyone returns from the hinterlands in September. (Note to self: What was that about the effectiveness and virtue of the two-way symmetrical public relations model? I digress.)

Anyway, this could have all been avoided if the legislative pooh-bahs had just stayed in sultry DC this summer.

Then they wouldn’t have had the public barking at them back home — and they wouldn’t have to face the reality that a lot of people have legitimate concerns now about the shape of any health-care plan.

Some lessons here about effective communication. About leadership and trust. And about engaging the public during the dog days of summer.


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